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A taste of living well with each other & with the soils of the Earth 

Discover Exhibitions, Soil Saturdays & Food Happenings at this summer celebration of soil. Taking place at the Create centre, Spike Island, it is the UK response to International Year of Soils in Bristol, Europe’s Green Capital 2015. All events are free and there is no need to book. Please bring cash for food.

Soil Culture at create Exhibitions Young Shoots curated by CCANW & Dirt Dialogues organised by SoilArts are open weekdays from 8am – 7pm & on Soil Saturdays from 10am-5pm

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being part of the BLUE SOIL SHRINE residency with the Blue Finger Alliance & Feed Bristol by honouring the Blue Finger soils & celebrating with a Deep Soup Ceremony on August 14th at Feed Bristol

PRESENCE: Invocation for Soil choreographed with Jean-Paul Mertinez of Ecopoets Live VJ/ALUNA at 5.30 pm on Fallow Field – Soil Saturday August 15th

Here is a Press Release, a Walk & Talk for Soil flier for 18th July 2015 & an overview of our collaborative residency with Blue Finger AllianceClick below to discover more about each Soil Saturday.

Soil Interdependence4 July Soil Interdependence
celebrate our interdependence with soil


What is Soil?11 July What is Soil?
discover the living matter of soil through food, art & science


Art of Soil18 July Soil of Bristol
Walk & Talk for Soil, leading to a Declaration for Soil

Living Soil Living Food
25 July Living Food Living Soil
vital food feeds living soils for body, mind & soul


Growing Soil1 August Growing Soil
share skills & experiences that care for & restore living soils

Whose Soil?8 August Whose Soil?
explore soil & social justice – artful dialogue between local & global

Fallow Field15 August Fallow Field
an emergent day for reflections on actions, research & legacy

Art of Soil22 August Art of Soil
ecological & cultural diversity through soil, art & food


Soil Saturdays offer a convivial medley of food tasting, hands-on experiences, films, forums, music & conversations to help us become soil guardians in our everyday lives. Food sharing is at the heart of each Soil Saturday, with Food Happenings by Soil Sisters that honour the soils of Bristol & its hinterland by sharing the harvest of local farmers & growers.

‘The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all.’ Wendell Berry

Directions to the create centre in Bristol
The story of Soil Culture at create & its vision and legacy.
Soil inspired films that are free to watch & share.
Soil Talk – words to inspire.
Gratitude to people & organisations supporting Soil Culture at create.
Words shared by people about Soil Culture at create

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Soil Culture: Young Shoots. An exhibition of research findings and work created during 12 residencies across the South West and Royal Botanic Gardens; and a roof garden design for a new primary school in Bristol. Dirt Dialogues: large posters documenting the work of 36 international artists whose work has engaged with the soil. Curated by Alexandra Toland of Artist Residency for the Earth at Soil Culture at create with Touchstone collaborations in partnership with Blue Finger Alliance.



At each Soil Saturday, SOIL SISTERS honour the soils of Bristol and its hinterland by sharing the harvest of local farmers and growers. This ecological gastronomy is at the heart of Soil Culture at create. Through seasonal feasts, botanical brews, summer canapés, and thanks-giving rituals, the soil’s gift of food is brought to the table for awakening conversations.


For the launch on Saturday 4 July we are in partnership with Feed Bristol, the Blue Finger Alliance and Arnolfini. Our summer celebration begins with a boat trip from Arnolfini to the floating Ballast Seed Garden with Clive Adams of CCANW and Soil Culture artist Sophie Mason in conversation. Later that day, Alys Fowler opens Soil Culture at create.


The vision of Soil Culture at create is to:
– explore the significance of soil in the every day and how it supports vibrant communities
– offer life changing experiences with the living matter of soil
– celebrate and connect  soil and food initiatives in Bristol, Green Capital
– make visible and taste-able relationships between living soil and healthy food
– share ways of gardening and farming which respect and enliven soils
– support action for policy changes to protect local and global soils
– create a lasting legacy which strengthens the soil, art and food movements